As of 7 October 2020 we have moved to 
Alert Level 1
We relaxed our Covid-19 procedures as we moved to Level 1, but please note you are still 
required to kindly scan in with the Covid Trace App at our premises. 

Here's some details of how Allwin Steel adapted to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and continues to keep our community, customers and staff safe while we are in recovery.
  • We have fully complied with the National Covid Tracer App and we adjusted our Safety Plans to ensure it has Specific COVID-19 plan detailing with the steps we are taking to mitigate risks.
  • We furthermore partnered with HazardCo and are using their mobile app as an additional measure to scan in and out to ensure contact tracing is made easy.
  • All our employees are Re-inducted to include the COVID-19 protocols prior to starting work, and weekly recorded Toolbox talks are held to evaluate the situation and safety protocols.
  • Apart from the above our workstations have been scattered with physical distancing in mind and we are following the utmost personal hygiene which includes the use of appropriate PPE and sanitation stations.

 If you need to make a delivery at our premises, please download the HazardCo app to save time